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About Yesterday’s Thoughts

If I were in an episode of Seinfeld, Jerry would be continually talking about the slow thinker. George would be really annoyed. Kramer would think I were scary. He’d keep repeating the phrase “Slow thinker.” “Jerry, that Ray is a slow thinker.”

Like everyone I have had the experience of walking home from the party and thinking of just the perfect response. Not like everyone, I consider that quick thinking. There are a number of subjects where the perfect response has come to me months or years later.

Some responses I am still working on. Some of them have appeared here.

I don’t claim to give you the most up to date news and analysis, but I do claim to have thought about what I say. I hope you will find these delayed thoughts worthwhile.

My opinions are sometimes idiosyncratic but I am attempting to convince you with facts and logic. If you disagree with anything that I have said, please leave me a note in the comments. Let’s talk about it.

About Me

I am a husband, a father, a biologist, a software engineer and a triathlete. The relative importance of each of those varies day to day.

Professionally, I am interested in the problems of calendaring and data synchronization. I post some occassional thoughts on those subjects here.

I am employed here, but I don’t speak for them in any way.

Contact Information

Professional inquires (looking for advice on your next software deployment? what to increase the availability of your web site?) should go through my employer. If you are interested in contacting me on a personal basis (violently disagree with something I’ve written here? friend from high school? long lost relative?) my e-mail address is ray dot baxter at gmail. I reserve the right to post full e-mails sent to that address, so behave. Or, give me a call, 415.504.3569. That’s a Grand Central number so if I don’t know you, I probably won’t answer. But you can leave a message.

Comment Policy

You are welcome to disagree with me. Please do. I disagree with myself all the time. Sometimes within a couple of sentences. Other times in the same sentence. It’s not so bad. It helps us both learn.

Off topic, flaming or personally insulting comments will be deleted. On topic, intellectually or personally challenging, comments will not be deleted.

Use your real name, or a consistent pseudonym. Provide a real e-mail address. Maybe I’ll drop you a line. If you don’t want me to write you at work, consider a Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or HotMail account.

I delete comment and trackback spam, although I don’t receive so much now that I have moved to WordPress.


These pages have been produced in WordPress since August 2006. Before that they were in Movable Type. Maybe someday I’ll get around to detailing why I changed. Short answer for now, Movable Type was too big and too inflexible. I was carrying around too much baggage to throw up multiple sites in short order. WordPress just seemed easier. Maybe I’m wrong and I’ll probably let you know about that too if it happens.

The web server is Apache 2.0.55 running on FreeBSD 6.0 for various reasons. Maybe you’ll hear about those too if you hang around. I am using mySQL (5.0.13) as the data store. As of October 23, 2005 this server has been cheerfully located at the facilities of ServePath.


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Let me know. Please enjoy the site.