Yesterday’s Thoughts

January 28, 2005

Movable Type Installation

My installation of Movable Type was pretty painless. The only issues were that mt-config.cgi showed a handful of missing Perl modules, and I think the package structure is odd.

I didn’t take notes; the only missing module that I remember was HTML::Template. The reason I remember this is because it forced me to update Perl to a version above 5.8.0 for Unicode support. Even that turned out to go fairly smoothly, I downloaded the very nice rpm form ActiveState and installed. I have often had problems with both rpm -i and CPAN, but not yesterday.

MovableType is optimized for users who elect to drop the entire tar file in their local cgi-bin directory. Then they are expected to move a static files (styles.css, something else) and directories (images, docs) to a separate mt-static directory. I guess this makes sense for most users, but since I chose to create a new ScriptAlias in Apache for MT cgi scripts, it would have been easier for me to have a package where a single directory contained styles.css, docs, images and cgi.

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