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January 31, 2005

Palm HotSync Using Bluetooth

I wanted to sync my Palm Tungsten T3 to my desktop. I wasn’t sure that I could do this. I have a Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse and I have seen reports (also here) that the implementation of Bluetooth is broken on this product.

I got it working on my desktop following the instructions in this article.

The important bit:

If you want to get started with Bluetooth, then you might want to get the Bluetooth Hotync working. This will at least verify that the Bluetooth on your desktop and Palm are working properly and that they can be paired with each other.

Be sure to update your Bluetooth drivers as per the above section, then follow the directions in your device’s user guide. The Tungsten T-series and Sony UX50 and TH55E (Euro version) all have decent Bluetooth Hotsync information in them. If you are using an SD card, you need the Palm Bluetooth Card Handbook (PDF).

These instructions cover using a “Serial Profile” which is the easiest way to get Hotsync working. The Palm Connection should be to a “PC”, not to a LAN. You must have “Local” check in the Hotsync Manager on your PC and you must have the COM port for it assigned to whatever COM port your BT Serial service is attached to. In my particular setup this is COM5, but yours may vary.

If you also want to have internet connectivity from your Palm, then continue reading the rest of this article.

The downsides are that I need to remember to turn the Bluetooth on and off on the Palm, else it runs down the battery really quickly and I need to remember to manually synchronize. My dream is that I could just set the Palm down in the vicinity of the desktop and they would find each other and synchronize automatically. Why do I need to be involved?

Does anyone know if the throughput would be faster if I went to the trouble of configuring the Bluetooth LAN support?

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