Yesterday’s Thoughts

February 19, 2005

Problem with Windows File Synchronization

There is one additional problem that I didn’t mention about synchronizing files using Windows file synchronization over a wireless connection.

I am currently using a Linksys Wireless-G Notebook Adapter (WPC54G) on my Windows 2000 notebook. Windows attempts to establish a connection to the shared drive before the wireless network connection is established. This causes Windows to throw up an error message, “Connection to server cannot be established, blah, blah, blah,” with a an option to not reconnect next time and an OK to click. Nothing too objectionable there, except that this halts the login so when I come back ten minutes later, expecting to get to work, I have to click the OK and wait.

Part of this is a Linksys specific problem. My previous adapter (a D-Link) installed earlier. I would only get this message if the network weren’t available, or I was out of range. Even in that case though, this is not a helpful message. I mapped this drive and I have synchronized files from it. I want to be available if physically possible and if not, use the synchronized files.

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