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April 18, 2005

Movable Type Upgrade

I upgraded to the latest Movable Type (version 3.16) on the day of its release.

Generally this isn’t something I would be inclined to do, but I had some time, and I was annoyed the e-mail notifications weren’t working. I don’t get that many comments, but I’d like to know when I did without having to check manually. Plus who knows what other notification that I am missing.

The upgrade went smoothly, but as I reported when installing, the package structure is weird. I got the upgrade tar file with just the changed files. But because the static content is stored in a separate directory, I couldn’t just untar it over my preexisting files, I had to untar it and the move the files manually. The process is optimized for users who don’t have shell access to their servers.

In case Six Apart cares, here is the package structure that I would recommend.

The earlier version would was:


and should have been structured like this, showing only representative directories:


The structure on the server would be maintained with links (damn Windows)

/var/www/mt -> /var/www/mt-3.15/mt
/var/www/mt-static -> /var/www/mt-3.15/mt-static

and the config would be
/var/www/mt/mt.cfg -> /var/www/mt-3.15/config/mt.cfg, or
/var/www/mt-config -> /var/www/mt-3.15/config

A new version (full upgrade) could be installed by unpacking the tar and repointing the links. This has the side effect of tracking which version of Movable Type the user is using and allows them to rollback the code changes trivially. Database changes are more complicated, although the user could copy the datebase and change the config, but this can get complicated.

For a delta upgrade, the packaging would not include the root directory



At the risk of not having an upgrade option, the user could then:

cd /var/www

tar -xzf /path/to/MT-3.16_upgrade_en_US.tar.gz

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