Yesterday’s Thoughts

May 2, 2005

Science and Gay Rights – Not what you think

Microsoft and Bill Gates are in the news lately. Microsoft has opted to withdraw support for bill in the Washington state legislature guaranteeing civil protections for gays, possibly after being pressured by the Reverend Ken Hutcherson of the Antioch Bible Church. Of course, Microsoft denies that the good Reverend had anything to do with the decision, apparently there was a change in priorities.

In other news Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates is lamenting the state of US education and the impact our national scientific and technological development. “We need to improve our own game, to make sure own slice of the pie stays very large,” says Mr. Gates.

Question for the Chairman: How can the US be competitive when students and even citizens cannot be exposed to science? If you really believe that we need to “improve our own game” you need to oppose the Antioch Bible Church on principle.

The ABC website (google it yourself) mentions evolution only once, promoting an appearance of Mike Riddle of Answers in Genesis. You can research the opinions of this fine institution on your own, suffice it to say that their motto is, “Upholding the authority of the bible from the very first verse.”

Chairman Gates should have engaged the Reverend Hutcherson on the issues of science and education. He might have had a similar conversation with Ralph Reed. As it is, it looks like only action that Chairman Gates is interested in taking is increasing the pool of workers on H1-B visas.

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