Yesterday’s Thoughts

May 17, 2005

Improve Your Sock’s Life

When you buy socks, always buy two identical pairs of socks.

This rule applies to those of us who lose our socks. If you always wear each pair out at the heal or toe (and don’t know how to darn) then get another rule.

Why it works for me. I buy two pair, call them pair A and pair B. Sometimes I will wear sock A1 with sock B2, sometimes A1 with A2, sometimes B1. It doesn’t matter. The socks are identical.

Inevitably, I will lose one sock. This is 1 sock life. If I had only bought a single pair, I would throw the remaining sock away. As it is, after 1 sock life, I have three remaining socks.

Repeat. After 2 sock lives, I have two remaining socks, a whole pair. These 2 socks are a bonus pair, one full sock life.

If buy 3 identical pairs, you get two bonus lives, etc. I usually buy 3 pair, any more, they don’t fit so well in my drawer and I don’t necessarily want to wear the same pattern every day.

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