Yesterday’s Thoughts

June 4, 2005

Practicing the Insurrectionary Arts


Birthday for the summer – 8

Two other mothers & I

They brought donuts and juice

Juice was late

Sitting at the table, neat rows

Waiting for Donuts, Waiting for juice mother

Rythymic chant “Donuts! Donuts”

Donuts served.

More waiting. No donuts eaten.


No donuts eaten.

“Happy Birthday” sung. One candle blown out. One card, signed by the whole class handed over and admired.

No donuts eaten.

“Happy Birthday” sung. Second candle blown out. Second card handed over and admired.

No donuts eaten.

“Happy Birthday” sung. Third candle blown out. Third card handed over.

No donuts eaten.

“Happy Birhtday” and fourth candle blown out.

Donuts were eaten.

Afterward as I looked at the little man’s card, various children came over to make sure that I saw where they had written their names. They would tell me their names, and then spell them out for me. As the writing was in varying degrees of clarity, it took a while for me to find some of the names, but when I found them they were very proud.

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