Yesterday’s Thoughts

June 9, 2005


I have added Geo-tags to the blog. If you live nearby, I’ll be looking out for you. When Google send their trucks out to do 3-D mapping of San Francisco, maybe you can locate my house.

Down there on the lower left, near the end of my blogroll is a search at for all the blogs near to my zip code. This is basically the Haight and Western Addition of San Francisco, although it appears that the definition of “near” is pretty broad.

Unfortunately, the Geo-tags website seems to be down continuously. The home page gives a nicely framed, “The system is too busy to complete this request at this time.”

For the purpose of this blog, this isn’t a very useful technology. I have a static location, and while it may be useful for you sometimes, and meaningful for me. to know that I live in the Haight district of San Francisco, it doesn’t make too much difference. Are you going to read what I say because of where I live? Probably not, unless you are my neighbor, or I write on subjects of neighborhood interest.

Where I can see this being handy is for travelling blogs. If I’m cycling across the country with only the clothes on my back and my trusty wirelessly enabled laptop, killing my own food and posting every day for the good folks at home, it would be pretty interesting to have those post be automatically sucked up and plotted on Google maps.

This particular use case isn’t that easy to do with what I know of Movable Type. The geo-tags need to go into the head of the html document, and the vanilla configuration of Movable Type puts the head element into the template files, which are the same for all entries.

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