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June 24, 2005


I just heard a review on Fresh Air of a movie called You, Me and Everyone We Know. I would watch this movie based on the review. The trouble is, I don’t watch movies in the theater, I watch them on DVD, and this movie won’t come out on DVD for some time.

Here’s an idea.

Providers of movie reviews should feed that information directly to me in sync with the DVD release. If you have broadcast reviews, or a print reviews, of movies, you should give me the opportunity to subscribe to a feed of your reviews that is synchronized with the DVD releases.

There are a number of sites that provide information on DVD releases. VideoETA and Amazon provide for instance give you release dates, and at Amazon at least you can click through to the reivews, but that is only useful to me if I know what I am looking for. This shiftcasting would give me useful editorial information and product guidance when I could use it.

There are a number of other cases where shiftcasting could be useful. Reviews of all sorts: shiftcast a book review in sync with the release to paperback, shiftcast the review from the trade show when the product actually reaches the stores. Newspapers and magazines have made a habit of stories and features like “On this day 25 years ago.”

Update 10:55 pm:

Microsoft is adding RSS to Longhorn. There will probably be a fair amount of ink spilled over this subject over the next few weeks. The reports I have read seem to imply that shiftcasting would be easily possible. Cool Tech Zone reports

Another different concept that Microsoft is planning on with RSS technology is opening it for developers. For example, Microsoft said it would leave the standard open for commerce sites, such as online retailers and music stores, to update the users with latest information.

It sounds like the OS will maintain your OPML, and that any interested application can have access to it. Also, the OS will pull down the content that you are interested in. Your applications can then manipulate this data, giving you access to your podcasts, putting together a news page from your feeds, pulling information into your calendar and others.

Interestingly one of the cases that is mentioned on the Microsoft site is DVD releases. The specific concept of shiftcasting mentioned, and the technology for joining an existing review with an event isn’t mentioned, but it is an obvious extension, especially once you are watching the DVD on you MS Media Center using MS Media Player. It would be instead of a thumbnail, you could see the review before you elected to view this one of 20 possible movies.

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