Yesterday’s Thoughts

July 1, 2005

An Unusual Inspiration

Lance Armstrong is one of the greatest athletes of all time. He is younger than I am, but I consider him one of my heroes and I strive to emulate him in many aspects of my life.

The thing that I respect most about him is his incredible mental power and focus. Just looking at him, you can see the concentration and intensity of his mind. His preparation and attention to detail is obvious in every thing that he does and every thing that he says.

As a role model, the mental abilities are more accessible than his physical abilities. I don’t expect to ever have a VO2 Max anywhere near Lance’s, but I do believe that I can approach his mental intensity through practice and training.

Even champions make mistakes.

The six-time Tour winner said he was stung by a bee, but continued to ride after the stinger was removed from above his left eye. The Texan admitted the sting “hurt like hell” and caused him to lose concentration.

A few minutes later, his wheel hit a raised spot in the road as he was turning, forcing his wheel to lock, flipping him over his handlebars. The crash split his helmet in two.

That so sounds like something I would do. Maybe I’m closer than I thought?

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