Yesterday’s Thoughts

July 5, 2005

Carnival of the Commenters

What do you do about commenters on your blog?

I haven’t had that many people comment on any of my entries. Unaccountably, as I posted before, most of the comments are on my post about deciding to stop using Norton Anti-virus software.

Comments on that post still continue to come in. The commenters want me to check their order status, or to clarify some ambiguity in the messages that they have received from Symantec and/or DigitalRiver.

Why do people leave these comments with me? I’m complaining about Norton, not offering technical support, and certainly not order support. One of the most common search strings that I see coming into the blog is “”. My two most recent questioners, ” e**** a****” and “c****** s****” came in on that search, although one searched from MSN and the other from Google. Is it possible that people are putting that search into their browser when they think that they are mailing and are then thinking that they have entered some Symantec operated page?

Another odd similarity that both of these most recent users’ browsers report that they have FunWebSearch. I think that this is just a curious coincidence.

On the search engine rankings front, searching for “”:

With MSN, this blog is the first and only result.

With Google there are four results, this blog is the third.

With Google through c****** s****’s ISP, this blog is the second result of two, although there are three paid results above that.

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