Yesterday’s Thoughts

July 9, 2005

Shades of 2001

Once again Lance Armstrong and his team are in trouble.

Ha. How many times are we going to have to read from that script. Every Tour de France Lance’s team, or Lance himself, appear to be in trouble, appear to be struggling around the stage 8 to 12.

Lance struggling to keep up with Ulrich in 2001 is the prototype of this. You remember that ended the “the look” which was effectively the end of Jan’s tour hopes for that year.

This year Armstrong is saying, “We have to reevaluate.” Paolo Savoldelli says, “We were tired when we got to the base of the final climb.”

Maybe, maybe not. I’m not convinced. The Discovery team has proven before that they are better actors than they are bike riders. You would think that the cycling press would remember.

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