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August 25, 2005

Google Desktop and Firefox

As I noted in the previous post, Google Desktop 2.0 breaks Firefox extensions.

The most annoying breakage is of Tabbrowser Preferences. Normally, my settings are to open new links typed in the location bar, and searches from the search box into new tabs. When I first installed Google Desktop, both of these reverted to opening in the currently active tab, in spite of the settings in Firefox staying as they were originally.

This behavior has gone away after starting and stopping both Firefox and Google Desktop a number of times, which is more puzzling than anything. Is Google Desktop locking my extensions preferences while it indexes them? That seems consistent with a number of other problems that I have seen.

One Firefox extension that I would not expect Google Desktop to have any problem with is the Googlebar, but on at least one instance when I opened Firefox, it came up with the Googlebar in the default state, instead of in the customized state that it is now. There was full text descriptions for each button on the bar and buttons like Froogle, that I don’t use were present.

Another extension that has seen some problems since I installed Google Desktop is Session Saver. This extension remembers the pages that were open at any time and can reopen them later. It is like having a bookmark that covers multiple pages. The best feature for me is that it automatically remembers all open pages when the browser is closed and automatically reopens them when I reopen my browser.

I have to admit that I occasionally have problems with Session Saver. Sometimes it will open the tabs that I had in my last session, but they will all be blank. On those occasions, I kill Firefox from the Task Manager, restart, and confirm the I want to reopen my session. It usually works the second time around.

Since installing Google Desktop, I have had problems where only a few of the tabs would reload. Killing and restarting didn’t seem to work, but because Session Saver does have occasional problems that is not conclusive. Again though, the problem is consistent with the idea the Google Desktop is temporarily blocking access to some preferences.

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