Yesterday’s Thoughts

September 28, 2005

Take the first available turn, part 2

In my previous rule of thumb for getting to your destination quickly, I recommended that you take the first available turn. Here is a rule for selecting when confronted with equivalent two turns,

Keep going the way you were going.

Since this situation may depend entirely on the boundary conditions, here is the example that I am considering. You are walking down the street and arrive at a crossing with a four way stop. You can continue in the direction you were headed, or you can cross the street running parallel to your direction of travel. Either choice will bring you closer to your destination. This case isn’t covered by the previous rule, because both turns are available.

The reason that you keep going the way you were going is that doing that allows you to retain the option to turn in the future. You retain the option of applying the first available turn rule.

Is this still true if I relax the constraints of the rectilinear grid of city streets and traffic signals? I don’t know.

What about if I remove the constraint of navigation?

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