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October 12, 2005

Why Miers?

Justin at Right Side Redux ponders the similarities between the debate on Harriet Miers and the debate on Intelligent Design and asks his readers to draw parallels.

I don’t really see the parallels. It seems like the country is more united against Miers than for or against evolution. The only similarity that I can see is that there isn’t much evidence for the proposition that Miers would a decent judge or for the arguments of Intelligent Design.

Justin himself doesn’t get around to saying how this relates to the Miers debate. Are ID proponents pro Miers, or anti?

Justin is pro-ID, but he seems to be vacillating about Miers himself based on his Miers Debate Cheatsheet. It would be hard for me to guess the correlation that he sees without putting words into his mouth.

Personally, I think that there is much less question that Miers is a solid conservative than he seem to think, but then I’m not a conservative.

I also think that there is much less question about evolution than he seems to think, but then I am a biologist.

Myself, I oppose Miers on moral grounds, which are completely separate from liberalism or conservatism. I believe that the main motivation for the President appointing his crony is self-preservation. He doesn’t care about principles, he doesn’t care about opinions, or philosophies, but he does care about his own skin.

The legal net around the President is getting tighter with respect to the Plame investigation, and more importantly with respect to the torture investigations, and he realizes that he could face judgment, even some time after he has left office.

At that time it will be very handy for him to have allies on the Supreme Court. It is a pretty consistent pattern in the President’s life that he does not feel like he needs lots of friends, but he does need those certain friends in high places who can step in and help him out.

If we had an effective opposition in this country, the first question that they would ask Miers is, “Will you recuse yourself in any proceedings involving your friend, the President?”

I don’t think the question would make any difference in Miers being confirmed. It seems like that battle is going to be fought on a different playing field.

Asking the question would plant the seed for America recovering its moral standing in the world.

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