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September 27, 2006

Training Pace

From Inside Tri comes this nugget about training to swim at race pace: If you have a hard time hitting your desired race pace during a given workout, try shortening your intervals until you can. For example, if your goal race pace is 1:20 per 100 meters, but you can’t hold that pace over 100 […]

September 8, 2006


Regular readers know have a handful of disparate phenomena that are interesting to me because they are mathematically similar. Each is a process that traverses a probability tree and becomes more or less probably as the number of branches in the tree increase. My posts on Wiio’s Laws, network effects in rural economies (Jane Jacob’s […]

September 2, 2006


September 1, 2006

Hot Water/Cold Water

Steve Yegge wants to hear about my gross conceptual misunderstandings. I’ve had a couple in the hopper to blog about for a while, so I’ll take the opportunity of this new blog to mention two I’ve become clear on over the past few years. Both relate to plumbing and water temperature. Once when I was […]

September 1, 2006

Moving to WordPress

What? A brand shiny new WordPress blog with exactly the same content as the old blog. Same name, same posts, same comments. Why? The old MovableType was too much trouble to change. The templates were awkward to manage and I was tired of the busyness of the pages. Plus I wanted to be able to […]