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September 1, 2006

Moving to WordPress

What? A brand shiny new WordPress blog with exactly the same content as the old blog. Same name, same posts, same comments.

Why? The old MovableType was too much trouble to change. The templates were awkward to manage and I was tired of the busyness of the pages. Plus I wanted to be able to create multiple blogs instead of the single omnibus blog that was Yesterday’s Thoughts. Even though WordPress doesn’t support multiple blogs, it is so easy to install, that I can create a new blog in minutes, instead of the hours required for MovableType.

How? It was dead simple. I used MovableType’s export feature following the instructions on this page. I also changed the location of the blog from /blog to /yesterdays and redirected from the old entries to new using a trick with the respective sitemaps.

  1. Export MT database
  2. Converting database dump UTF-8 with iconv
  3. InstallWordPress
  4. Import data
  5. Installing sitemaps plugin and generate sitemap
  6. Comparing old and sitemaps to generate redirects on Apache

Every thing but the last step took about 20 minutes. I took some time with the last step because I was hoarding my page rank and I didn’t want my site to go weird and lose whatever small ranking I have.

Then I got to play around with themes. This is Clasikue which I like very much.

I have only had two little problems.

In the old set up, I had a simple symbolic link between and That was sufficient to place the main blog page on the front of the site. With dynamic pages, that isn’t possible, and I haven’t figured out how to do it. Suggestions? As of now, I have this blog running out of my Document Root.

The other problem is the visual editor. I spent an unreasonable amount of time trying to format code before I realized that the editor was mangling code inside pre and code tags and also trying to be smart (not!) about closing tags where I wasn’t expecting.

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