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January 29, 2007

How Decent?

Gina Cobb believes that the President is gracious and decent.

In his prepared speeches, he makes a conscious choice to speak as kindly of his rivals as is humanly possible. His graciousness is more noticeable when the vitriol from his rivals reaches its apex — or at a time when his approval rating seems to be in free fall. What we have here is a decent man who takes the dignity and responsibility of the presidency seriously.

I disagree. You can’t reasonably speak of taking the dignity and responsibility of the presidency seriously when the President is issuing partisan slurs before a joint session of Congress.

Perhaps the President made a conscious choice to speak kindly, but his words betrayed him. During the SOTU, the President referred to “the Democrat majority.” The formulation, using Democrat as an adjective, is an intentional insult to Democrats, and a well known partisan ploy.

If you verbally slur and insult your rivals, and you do it as part of your Constitutionally mandated duties, you can’t really be called gracious, dignified, or responsible.

Update: The President has apologized.

Gina Cobb however has neither published my comment, nor retracted her assertion of the President’s decency and generosity. I think his responsibility speaks for itself.

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