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November 24, 2007

Google Ranking Problem

As part of my re-evaluation of my toolkit, I’ve started using MarsEdit.

For those who don’t know, MarsEdit is a Macintosh program to write blog posts.

There are a couple of small features in the way the Mars Edit works that could have been deal breakers for me, so I was going back to the MarsEdit forums to figure out if there were a work around for them. I couldn’t remember the url of the site, so I Google MarsEdit.

The problem is the results. The first result returned by Google is to a page on the Ranchero Software site mentioning that Ranchero Software sold MarsEdit to Red Sweater Software more than 7 months ago. The second Google result points to the Red Sweater Software page that describes MarsEdit.

Curiously, the PageRank for the Red Sweater page is 7 while the Ranchero page PageRank is 0, and the PageRank for the Ranchero Software home page is 7, while the Red Sweater home page is 6.

What this means is that there are so many more links out there on the web that point to MarsEdit at the Ranchero site than at the Red Sweater site, and the rating of those sites is so much higher, that a deficiency in page rank of 0 to 7 is overcome.

Even more confusingly, the absolute number of links isn’t that different. As of this moment 282 links point to the Red Sweater page and only about 592 links point to the Ranchero Software site.

I wouldn’t have thought it possible. This is a PageRank result that really confounds all my expectations.

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