Yesterday’s Thoughts

August 4, 2009

Edward Hall

Edward Hall died a few weeks ago. His obituary was in the Times today.

I first learned of his work with non-verbal communication in the early seventies, but returned to it in a visceral way in the early nineties. I read The Dance of Life: The Other Dimension of Time and it worked its way into my dreams. I dreamt that I was interacting with the people around me without words. I was actively interacting with them in the distance we stood apart and the way we move forward and away from each other. We interacted in the sounds that we made. I had one particularly powerful dream where I imagined myself observing the rhythms of people’s walk and motion and playing music that incorporated the rhythm of each person that walked into the room into the rhythm of everyone else already in the room.

Edward Hall’s work was the intellectual bridge that enabled me to walk out of my brain and into my body.

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