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June 22, 2005

Movable Type Plugins

I decided that I wished that my Movable Type activity log display were sorted in reverse order, so that the most recent activity was at the top of the page. A couple of minutes poking around in the source showed me the line that I need to change to reverse the sort order of the […]

June 13, 2005

Category-based RSS Feeds

It occurred to me that some of my readers might be interested only in politics, while others would be interested only in triathlon. Following the instructions from the girlie matters I have added multiple RSS feeds to the site. The feeds are listed on this page. (Updated link.) So far they aren’t auto discoverable. I […]

June 12, 2005

Movable Type Changes

Two feature requests for Movable Type. Posting dates should be publish dates. The two posts prior to this one Gulag at Guantanamo and Amnesty International Doesn’t Need Me are marked as being posted at 8:06 and 11:07 pm respectively. For example, the line after the Gulag post says, “Posted by Ray Baxter at 08:06 PM” […]

June 9, 2005


I have added Geo-tags to the blog. If you live nearby, I’ll be looking out for you. When Google send their trucks out to do 3-D mapping of San Francisco, maybe you can locate my house. Down there on the lower left, near the end of my blogroll is a search at for all […]

June 4, 2005

Why does Movable Type use UTC for Activity Log?

Can anyone explain to me why the Movable Type activity log insists on using UTC instead of my local time zone? Date IP Address Log Message 2005.06.04 22:20:42 ‘Ray Baxter’ added entry #75 I can see that the time is logged in the data base in UTC so this report is pretty straightforward. Other […]

May 28, 2005

Welcome to Yesterday’s Thoughts

My observant readers, had I any, would notice that the blog has a new name, Yesterday’s Thoughts. Generally my posts come about two beats after the issue I am discussing has faded into the background. I consider this a strength; journalism is the first draft of history, I’ll aim for the first revision of history. […]

April 18, 2005

Movable Type Upgrade

I upgraded to the latest Movable Type (version 3.16) on the day of its release. Generally this isn’t something I would be inclined to do, but I had some time, and I was annoyed the e-mail notifications weren’t working. I don’t get that many comments, but I’d like to know when I did without having […]

February 2, 2005

Movable Type Categories

I am becoming more familiar with Movable Type. Basically I am satisfied with it, and it facilitates the process of publishing this blog, but here is what I consider to be an oddity. Movable Type has categories. I think that I want this. I want it for myself, because I am using this blog partially […]

January 28, 2005

Movable Type Installation

My installation of Movable Type was pretty painless. The only issues were that mt-config.cgi showed a handful of missing Perl modules, and I think the package structure is odd. I didn’t take notes; the only missing module that I remember was HTML::Template. The reason I remember this is because it forced me to update Perl […]