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November 15, 2008

An Enhancement for ri

Ruby Documentation is terse and difficult to navigate. There are some web based solutions, but I am not always on the web, and there are some solutions for keeping your local documentation up to date, but I haven’t automated them. Ri is the Ruby solution to this problem but the results are not always what […]

May 23, 2006

Bug & Patch for acts_as_ferret

I’m putting the finishing touches on Endurance Central. Basically the UI is done and all of the user functionality is complete, if not yet fully exposed. I have started to collect race data (the current data on the site is unreliable test data – I need to clear that out). One of the last features […]

February 21, 2006

Bug in acts_as_authenticated

I found a bug in the acts_as_authenticated plugin. The activate method in User fails to update the user record when using both activate and 2-way reversible encryption. The symptom that I was is that was false in the controller. It fails at this line: update_attributes(:activated_at =>, :activation_code => nil) This fails because there […]

September 22, 2005

Another Good Thing about Rails

There are many excellent features of Ruby on Rails. The technology has significant advantages for rapid development and deployment and I don’t think that I could undertake the work that I am doing to develop factscollector without it. I can prototype rapidly, and deploy the simplest thing that could possibly work. My plan is that […]

September 21, 2005

Test Based Specifications in Ruby on Rails

I am starting to experiment with writing unit and funtional tests for factscollector. I haven’t ever worked with consistent automated testing. I probably waited too long to start, both in general, and in this particular Ruby on Rails project. The general reasons are well known in the Agile Programing literature. Tthe existance of the test […]

March 28, 2005

Ruby On Rails Experiments

I have been playing around with Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Based on the examples that I see (like this one for instance, this looks like a lead pipe cinch for implementing a few similar projects of my own that have been hanging around for a while, namely my training log project, my GTD combined […]